Practice Corner: Bow Holds

We have spied some excellent bow holds over the last few weeks, and we’re spending the rest of winter term brushing up on our bow hold technique. There are many reasons that a good bow hold is important:

  • Get a Big Sound: Having a flexible and curved bow hold is one of the easiest ways to get that big sound. This helps get a natural weight in the bow. If you force the weight, it squishes the sound, which won’t project as far.
  • Prepare for Advanced Techniques: Many off-string and advanced bow techniques require a flexible bow hold. Bows are built with a unique balance and bounce that a good bow hold can utilize.

Here are a few tips for working on that bow hold:

  • Check That Pinky, Check That Thumb: Are they curved? Beyond that, are they flexible?
  • Volcano vs. Soccer Field: Keep those knuckles flat (like a soccer field) with curved fingers.
  • Tap That Pinky: Tap the pinky on top of the stick to make sure it’s in the correct place. Make sure the pinky is curved. Tapping the pinky makes sure it can’t get too stiff.
  • Review! Working on techniques is best with review songs. Have a lot to re-learn and fix? Pick a song that uses a small amount of bow to start.

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