Practice Corner: The Importance of Performance

Every once and a while (usually around recital time) someone asks me the same question: why do we need to perform?

Some students are very comfortable with performance. Others get nervous. Regular performance can make the difference between a fun experience and a feeling of failure. No matter how a student feels when performing, there are many things to learn and benefit from through performance. These are reasons why we perform and why performance is important:

  • Confidence in Front of a Group: Learning how to perform violin or cello in front of a group can also help with speaking skills and group confidence.
  • Learning How to Think Fast Under Pressure: While performing, unexpected things happen. Figuring out how to deal with them quickly and not let it affect the rest of the piece is important.
  • Practice Performing: Performing only gets harder if you don’t continue to try. Performing regularly is an important factor to make it easier.
  • Setting a Goal: Having a performance as a goal often helps push a student into the next level of playing. A performance can be an excellent goal and motivator.

Tips for recital success

When getting ready for a recital or other musical performance, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Try to set up your child for success
  • Pick a piece the student is more comfortable and confident with
  • Play that piece for as many people (or stuffed animals) that are willing to sit down and listen
  • After all the hard work put into learning a piece, it’s nice to get the chance to perform it many times
  • Instead of presenting the performance as a test, keep the recital a celebration of hard work. That will bring out your child’s confidence, and their joy of music will show.

That’s why we perform. See you at our next recital!

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