Register for Summer Suzuki Music Institutes

Suzuki Institutes are a great way to get a new violin experience. You’ll get the opportunity to work with fantastic teachers and spend quality summer time with your child. There are often scholarships available for students to attend. Some of the registration dates are coming up soon, so don’t delay:

Northwest Suzuki Institute
We are lucky enough to have a Suzuki Institute in our backyard! That means you don’t have to pay for accommodation. Woot! Several ESMA families have attended this institute. Please let Jodie know if you want to talk to someone about their experience.

Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute
Have family in the Seattle area? This institute might be right for you. A larger camp than the one in Eugene also includes higher levels of playing.

Walla Walla Suzuki Institute
In nearby Washington state, this institute is a similar size to the one in Eugene. Wanting a little time away? This may be the one for you.

Oregon Suzuki Institute
Close by and includes piano. This can be a great institute if you have a piano student in your family as well. Jodie has attended this for teacher training in the past and had a great time.

Idaho Suzuki Institute
In nearby Idaho, this institute is very reasonably priced. Both the tuition and accommodation are affordable.

There are many more Summer Suzuki Music Institutes all over the country. Don’t hesitate to ask Jodie for help selecting the right one for you.

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