We Are Suzuki #Weresuzuki

Have you checked out the Suzuki Association of the Americas’s We Are Suzuki campaign?

Suzuki families, students, and teachers from all over the world have been posting videos and photos of themselves at work, play, and music. They’re demonstrating the power of the Suzuki community, and how Suzuki’s method and principles are at work not just in their lessons, but in their lives:

Now, more than ever, we treasure the richness that the Suzuki philosophy has brought to our lives.
We cherish this community.
We believe in our work together.
We want every parent and educator to have the opportunity to know Suzuki’s ideas.
We know the impact Suzuki Education has had on our own life and we want it to be here for generations to come.

Check out the campaign… and post your own images and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, just be sure to use the #WeAreSuzuki hashtag.

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