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Workshops, masterclasses, group events & parent talk, all levels, Feb. 24

My friend and colleague Kara Eubanks at Willamette Violin Academy has helped organize a wonderful all-levels Suzuki workshop on Sat., Feb., 24. (And yes, this is the same day as the recital, but it starts later in the day. Sometimes you really can do it all!)

A wonderful Suzuki opportunity is around the corner. On Saturday, February 24, Suzuki violin students and parents are invited to participate for an afternoon of learning and inspiration with two of Portland’s most celebrated Suzuki violin teachers, Lisa Hansen and Christine Goodner, author of Beyond the Music Lesson.

Who can attend?

Students of all ages and levels studying with a registered Suzuki teacher in any music school or studio are welcome. There is no student too novice or advanced for this event—pre-Twinkle is welcome, too! Local Suzuki teachers can register as observers to watch our clinicians teach for the day.

Even new beginners can attend?

Oh, yes! indicate on your registration that your child is a pre-Twinkle or Twinkler. Group classes for their level will be offered, and consider registering for a masterclass—our clinicians are amazing with young students, and you’ll be amazed what you can learn in a short visit with a guest clinician. Most importantly, the parent talk is a priceless opportunity for new Suzuki Parents. Christine Goodner is a brilliant guide for Suzuki parents. Check out her blog at suzukitriangle.com.

What does the day look like?

Some students will wish to perform in a masterclass—a short, one-on-one lesson with a clinician on their polished piece, for an audience of Suzuki families. All students will participate in at least one group class with one of our clinicians, and will participate in the Review Rumpus!, a goofy, fun review party led by some local, advanced Suzuki violinists. During the review party, parents will attend a parent talk with Christine Goodner.

What is the schedule?

Some students will attend from 12pm to 5pm, if they wish to perform in a masterclass and observe masterclasses before the group events begin. Other students who choose to only participate in group events may have a day as short as 2pm to 5pm. All registered participants are encouraged to observe masterclasses.

How much does it cost?

Participation in group events only, along with the parent talk, costs $25. Masterclass performers pay $40 for the day’s events.

Where is the event?

1390 Pearl Street (map & directions) , in the First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Can I bring my Suzuki violinist’s sibling(s) to the workshop?

Yes! Suzuki is a family affair, and siblings are welcome to observe, as long as they are supervised by parents.

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Email Kara: karaeubanks@willametteviolin.com

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