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Danielle Ryce is a professionally trained violinist who relocated to Eugene from New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2020.

She graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree in violin performance, where she studied under Rachel Jordan and Amy Thiaville. After graduation in 2014, Danielle taught over 50 students during the next six years. During that time, she was also performing in various classical and jazz ensembles for weddings and other events, in original music bands, and more.

Some of her favorite moments performing in New Orleans include playing at the Superdome for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the jazz tent at Jazz & Heritage Festival, and headlining shows at large New Orleans venues such as Tipitina’s and The Howling Wolf with her own band.

Danielle’s Teaching Philosophy

While Danielle uses the Suzuki method as the foundation and center of her teaching method, she also incorporates other styles of music. It starts with building a basic understanding of music theory, via ear training and reading, as she has learned through personal experience that it is beneficial knowledge for performing any genre.

Danielle’s performance experience has developed her musicianship and understanding of many genres including fiddle, jazz, Irish jigs, pop, top 40, folk, and improv. She has even worked with students to provide them the basic skills to perform with a loop pedal.

For the sake of transparency, it feels important to note that Danielle is not officially trained in Suzuki teaching (yet!). However, she started as a Suzuki student when she was 6 years old. Thanks to Suzuki’s encouragement of parental involvement, her mother was at nearly every single lesson, up until Danielle could drive herself to lessons. The detailed notes her mother took at each lesson provided Danielle a teaching manual when she began instructing private lessons, and her experience with a vast array of students has been a constant training tool since. Danielle is excited to expand upon her Suzuki knowledge by attending a teaching training seminar as soon as possible.

Danielle believes in the power of music to foster creativity, develop confidence, teach the rewards of hard work, improve literacy, and boost emotional intelligence. The pursuit of performing music is a lifelong journey. The journey should be a mix of pushing your limits, searching for more knowledge, acknowledging your accomplishments, and sharing this gift with others. Danielle strives to integrate this philosophy into all of her lessons because of the positive effect it has not only on a student’s violin career, but in every aspect of his or her life.

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Email: daniellekryce@gmail.com

Phone: 985-290-9429

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