Why does ESMA charge a tuition instead of a per-lesson fee?

The main reason we charge a flat tuition is because there is so much more to your family’s musical education than just lessons, and that is all included in what you pay.

Another reason is it’s simpler to pay one cost, instead of paying one amount for lessons, then another amount for recitals, then another amount for group classes, etc.. Many families have told us how much they appreciate paying one comprehensive cost, as it’s much easier for them to track for the family budget. By keeping things simple, families know that their tuition covers all ESMA’s services and they may participate in any without having to worry about extra billing.

How long is a term?

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms, plus holiday breaks, are based approximately on the calendars used by the Eugene 4J School District. Because the 4J calendar varies year to year, our lesson terms vary too.

However, your lesson terms fall within the following months:

  • Fall Term: September through December
  • Winter Term: January through March
  • Spring Term: April through mid-June
  • Summer Term: Late June through August

As they’re set, events and term dates are listed on our News and Events page.

Is tuition based on the number of students taking a lesson or on how long the lesson is?

Tuition is based on how long the lesson is, regardless of the number of students taking the lesson during that amount of time.

For example, let’s say the Smith family has 2 children and 1 parent taking a weekly hour-long lesson. Some weeks all 3 of them attend the lesson, but occasionally only 1 parent and 1 child take the hour-long lesson. The cost is the same because the tuition is based on the hour of lesson time, not the number of students taking the lesson at that time.

Can I do lessons every other week instead of every week?

We only offer weekly lessons.

This is a common question, and here’s the reason why we don’t offer lessons every other week: they simply don’t work. When students haven’t taken lessons weekly, they eventually become frustrated with their progress and give up entirely. The consistency of weekly lessons and practice is important for motivation.

Thanks, but this didn’t answer my question. What now?

No worries! Please contact us with your other questions.

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