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Little Notes Suzuki ECE Teacher

Eugene Little Notes Baby Music Class Teacher Jenny Mendoza

Jenny Mendoza has been an ESMA Little Notes teacher since 2013. Jenny was trained in Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) instruction by Dorothy Jones, Sharon Jones, and Danette Schuh. A lifelong love of music led to Jenny learning Suzuki piano at age 4, and she studied with Carol Jilling for 12 years. She continued piano lessons in college, studying with Dr. Eugene Gaub (Grinnell College) and Susan Grace (Colorado College). Jenny also plays the French horn, which she began at age 11. She has studied horn with Jennifer Doersch, Robert Murray (Colorado College), and Professor Lydia Van Dreel (University of Oregon). Jenny dabbles in playing the ukulele, too!

In addition to working at ESMA, Jenny wears multiple professional hats:

Jenny is a trained developmental scientist. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from The Colorado College, a M.S. in Psychology from the University of Oregon (UO), and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the UO. Jenny is currently a Research Associate working with Dr. Caitlin Fausey in the UO Learning Lab. Researchers in the UO Learning Lab examine how infants’ everyday sensory input sets the stage for their learning. Jenny’s research focuses on the musical sounds available to infants in their home environments.

The UO Learning Lab is part of Team Duckling – a group of UO developmental scientists who all study how children learn and grow. You may have met Jenny at one of Team Duckling’s outreach events!

Jenny also works as a Parenting Educator in Parenting Now!’s First 3 Years program. She deeply believes in Parenting Now!’s mission to provide support and education so that all children are raised by nurturing, skilled parents. Jenny is excited to facilitate Incredible INFANTs and Wonderful ONEs groups this Spring and Summer.

Jenny is thrilled to be teaching Little Notes at the Eugene Suzuki Music Academy, as it combines her many loves: music, community building, working with young children and families, parenting education, and early childhood education. She is thankful to be part of such a wonderful program.

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