Practice Corner: Review Chain

What happens when you combine strips of construction paper with the review songs you play in practice? You get a review chain! All term we are making a paper chain for the studio. For every¬†review song played, take a strip of construction paper and make a new link for our chain. I have strips of … Read More

Recitals are good for babies and toddlers too

Did you know that recitals are important for babies and toddlers too? Playing in recitals, or even just attending, helps infants and young children in many ways: Builds confidence, listening, and social skills Engages young children with music Shows that it’s okay to feel nervous Demonstrates that people’s efforts and hard work are appreciated Fosters … Read More

Cozy Friend Practice Game

Want to try something new in your child’s practice? Here’s a suggestion from Julie, whose daughter and son are ESMA violin students: In our family, stuffed animals are called cozy friends. In this practice game, 8 cozy friends “compete” against each other to see who is the best at guessing which of 2 practice spots … Read More

Take ESMA’s 30 Day Summer Listening Challenge

You know how important it is to listen to your Suzuki CD. Whether you are in Little Notes or taking violin lessons, you see the benefits of listening to your CD¬†often. However, listening does not have to be limited to our Suzuki recordings. There is a wide range of music out there that is great … Read More

Register for Summer Suzuki Music Institutes

Suzuki Institutes are a great way to get a new violin experience. You’ll get the opportunity to work with fantastic teachers and spend quality summer time with your child. There are often scholarships available for students to attend. Some of the registration dates are coming up soon, so don’t delay: Northwest Suzuki Institute We are … Read More

Practice Corner: Live Performance

Attending live performances can be inspiring and motivational. Summer can also be a time of low motivation since lessons are not regular and we don’t have group class. Summer is also a great time to enjoy concerts, because they are often family friendly. Check out these great opportunities for your family: Eugene Symphony in the … Read More

Practice Corner: The Importance of Performance

Every once and a while (usually around recital time) someone asks me the same question: why do we need to perform? Some students are very comfortable with performance. Others get nervous. Regular performance can make the difference between a fun experience and a feeling of failure. No matter how a student feels when performing, there … Read More

Practice Corner: Listening

Most parents start their journey of being a Suzuki parent without very much knowledge of what the Suzuki Method is. Often they’ve heard about the Suzuki Method in passing, but the philosophy is something new. When we start talking to a new parent about music, the first thing we tell them about is listening. This … Read More