Practice Corner: Bow Holds

We have spied some excellent bow holds over the last few weeks, and we’re spending the rest of winter term brushing up on our bow hold technique. There are many reasons that a good bow hold is important: Get a Big Sound: Having a flexible and curved bow hold is one of the easiest ways … Read More

Suzuki Music Summer Institutes 2012

Summer Institute information is coming out! Summer may seem far away, but it is time to start planning. There are Suzuki camps and institutes all over the country for you to choose from. We are also lucky enough to have one here in Eugene. This year’s Northwest Suzuki Institute is Jul. 29-Aug. 3. More information … Read More

Irish Music Band Bua Plays Eugene

Bua In Concert at the 2009 Philadelphia Ceili Group Festival The Irish music band Bua plays the 2012 Eugene Irish Cultural Festival this weekend. Check out their performance at the 2009 Philadelphia Ceili Group Festival, where they played guitar, fiddle, concertina, flute and uilleann pipes.

Practice Corner: Motivation

When talking about practice, motivation can often be the elephant in the room. What motivates us to play music? Why do we spend hours and hours practicing our instruments? Often people who have not had experience with learning music believe it is full of passion all the time. However, when you talk to any musician, … Read More


What is “stupendous”? Conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Sesame Street’s Elmo and a team of musical animals demonstrate. Dudamel is the director of the LA Philharmonic and one of the big conductors of today. Cute video to watch with little ones. [media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ jwplayer=”controlbar=bottom”]

Practice Corner: Self-Efficacy

Are you familiar with the concept of self-efficacy? Self-efficacy is similar to self-esteem, but is slightly different and not as well known. Self-efficacy is when someone believes in their ability to reach goals and execute behaviors. It is directly tied with one of our important Suzuki concepts that success builds success. Children have high self-efficacy … Read More

Parents As Partners 2012

The Suzuki Association of Americas is doing Parents As Partners again this year! If you participated last year, you’ll remember that this is an opportunity to watch videos from teachers, parents and students, plus get lots of tips on practicing, motivation and working with your child as a partner in learning. The videos will be … Read More

Practice Corner: Changing Teachers

During the course of musical education, students are bound to have a few different teachers. Whether it be for a music camp, switching teachers, or a temporary change there are a few things that can make the transition smoother: Appreciate the Differences: There are bound to be some small things that are different between teachers. … Read More

Practice Corner: Observation

At the end of every Little Notes class we take the opportunity to write down an observation about our class and what was experienced. Since there are so many firsts in early childhood, this is relatively easy to accomplish. Observation is also highly important in Suzuki teacher training. We spend hours observing master teachers for … Read More