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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Little Notes is not being offered at this time.


Every child can learn… including toddlers, babies, and newborns!

Since 2010 our experienced teachers have helped Lane County’s parents bond with their infants and toddlers.

Our fun, structured program combines simple circle songs, nursery rhymes, movement, rhythm, and reading. ESMA’s supportive, welcoming, diverse, multi-teacher community emphasizes enabling children to be confident and capable not just in music, but in life.

A growing body of research backs what we parents know in our hearts. These words, from the American Suzuki Journal article “The Baby 0-3 Years & Music,” sum up our teaching philosophy:

“Early childhood is not a time for good results but a time of developing abilities, imagination, intelligence, self-conscience, self-control and self-assurance. It is a period of great creativity… [where] the most important stimulus is love.”

“My daughter and I have been attending ESMA’s Little Notes class since my daughter was 6 months old. I cannot express enough how much this class has brightened our lives. The music we sing in class is incorporated into our daily lives and routines. I even catch my husband singing the songs to our daughter regularly. My daughter’s face just lights up when she hears the songs. We have also established friendly relationships with many of the other parents and children in class. We plan to attend for years to come!”

– Liz and Elsie, Eugene

Little Notes aids your child’s development with…

Listening Skills


Social Skills





Melodic Awareness

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Suzuki-based Little Notes Music Classes are for babies and toddlers ages 0–3
  • Open Enrollment! Families may register and begin attending Little Notes classes at any time.
  • Little Notes is designed for the needs of newborns, infants, and toddlers.
  • Children get hands-on experience with instruments, as well as develop important personal and social skills
  • No prior musical experience required for adult or child.
  • Infants are free up to 6 months.
  • Children past their third birthday often still enjoy attending too!
  • Between ages 3–4, children are ready to “graduate” from Little Notes to other music instruction, such as Suzuki Violin Lessons.

Why have a music class for babies and toddlers?

The early childhood years of birth through age 3 provide boundless opportunities for children to learn.

During class families can build even the youngest child’s ability to start understanding skills such as memory, sharing, taking turns, rhythm, and finding their voice. We use singing, percussion instruments, and repetition to help children 0-3 begin building learning and life skills, have fun, and share quality bonding time with a parent or other caregiver. That learning goes home with families so the journey can continue!

“I have been enjoying the Little Notes classes with my baby since she was 3 months old. She is now 9 months and loves going to music class. She plays the drums and xylophone and dances at home to classical music! The CD that comes with the class calms her during car rides. She also learns from watching the older kids in the class who practice taking turns, sharing, and helping out the teacher. At 8 months we went to our first music recital and it was so much fun!

– Hannah R.

“We have to understand early childhood stimulation as a way to help baby in discovering their own world—guiding and supporting, trying not to correct or direct them too much, but giving the opportunity to make their own discoveries.”

– Roxana del Barco Herrera & Maria Luisa Del Rio, “The Baby 0-3 Years & Music,” American Suzuki Journal, volume 33.2
Toddler playing rhythms on lollipop drum with teacher while other students march in a circle to the beat

At every Little Notes class you’ll find…

Supportive environment

Parent and teacher guide each child in a fun, pressure-free environment. No musical experience needed!

Reading & bonding time

Each class ends with the teacher reading aloud to students, followed by a free-form reading and bonding time for child and caregiver.

Small class size

Each class has a maximum of 10 families and is taught by 2 trained teachers.

Your child wants to hear your voice

Afraid of singing? Gain confidence to share music with your child for years to come.

Rotating curriculum

Two curriculums of nursery rhymes, circle songs, and story songs rotate week to week. No new CDs to buy or songs to learn!

Your family is welcome at ESMA

All families and children welcome, because every child can learn.


Check out our Little Notes FAQ or contact us for more information.

“My son loves coming to Little Notes. We even use the songs at home and other places, sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, singing ‘Michael Finnegan’ is the only way we get through diaper changes right now, and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ just helped us weather some rough moments on an airplane!”

– Amy S., Eugene

Your Little Notes teacher

Head Teacher (and parent) Jodie St. Clair is a registered Suzuki Violin Teacher and SECE instructor. She received Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) training from Dorothy Jones, founder of the Suzuki ECE program and the World Centre for Suzuki ECE Teacher Training. Jodie has also taught the SECE class at the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention, held in 2013 in Matsumoto, Japan, birthplace of the Suzuki Method.

“Little Notes was a delight to look forward to every week! Jodie and her assistant were always welcoming, the activities engaging—a fun mix of movement and song. Violet is now nearly 5 and adores music, singing, and dancing. She is always picking up instruments. While my partner and I do offer a very musical household, I definitely credit her love of music in part to this sweet program. ♡ I would highly recommend it to any and every parent as a must-do!”

– Mindy L.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Little Notes is not being offered at this time.