Even Babies Benefit from Music

Research continues to demonstrate how a baby’s development improves when he or she participates in interactive music activities: Early Childhood Music Research Published – Suzuki Association of the Americas As a teacher and a mother, I can’t say this comes as a big surprise! Singing with Baby Connor is a joy to us as a … Read More

Practice Corner: Live Performance

Attending live performances can be inspiring and motivational. Summer can also be a time of low motivation since lessons are not regular and we don’t have group class. Summer is also a great time to enjoy concerts, because they are often family friendly. Check out these great opportunities for your family: Eugene Symphony in the … Read More

Practice Corner: Listening

Most parents start their journey of being a Suzuki parent without very much knowledge of what the Suzuki Method is. Often they’ve heard about the Suzuki Method in passing, but the philosophy is something new. When we start talking to a new parent about music, the first thing we tell them about is listening. This … Read More

Practice Corner: Motivation

When talking about practice, motivation can often be the elephant in the room. What motivates us to play music? Why do we spend hours and hours practicing our instruments? Often people who have not had experience with learning music believe it is full of passion all the time. However, when you talk to any musician, … Read More

Practice Corner: Self-Efficacy

Are you familiar with the concept of self-efficacy? Self-efficacy is similar to self-esteem, but is slightly different and not as well known. Self-efficacy is when someone believes in their ability to reach goals and execute behaviors. It is directly tied with one of our important Suzuki concepts that success builds success. Children have high self-efficacy … Read More

Parents As Partners 2012

The Suzuki Association of Americas is doing Parents As Partners again this year! If you participated last year, you’ll remember that this is an opportunity to watch videos from teachers, parents and students, plus get lots of tips on practicing, motivation and working with your child as a partner in learning. The videos will be … Read More