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How to download Little Notes listening

Week 1 and Week 2 listening available on iTunes and Apple Music

As you know, our Suzuki listening is an important part of our days not just in class, but at home too. While our Little Notes listening (Week One, Week Two, plus some bonus lullabies) is available on CD, you can also get your Little Notes listening through Apple iTunes and Apple Music. Be sure to add both to your library:

Week 1 Listening

Little Notes Listening - Week 1

Week 2 Listening

Little Notes Listening - Week 2

Listening tip

Pick a consistent time of day to put on your Little Notes Listening. First thing in the morning, during lunch, or during a drive might work better for you (we put on ours during bedtime). Pick whatever is best for your routine.

P.S.: Just so you know, these links are affiliate links. Price is the same for you, but some of the proceeds go to support ESMA. Thanks and see you in class.

Recitals are good for babies and toddlers too

Babies and toddlers need recitals too

Did you know that recitals are important for babies and toddlers too? Playing in recitals, or even just attending, helps infants and young children in many ways:

  • Builds confidence, listening, and social skills
  • Engages young children with music
  • Shows that it’s okay to feel nervous
  • Demonstrates that people’s efforts and hard work are appreciated
  • Fosters friendships and builds community

Falling Leaves: Little Notes Song of the Month, October 2015

Image: Stanley Zimmy

Image: Stanley Zimmy

With October we are feeling autumnal in Little Notes, which inspired this xylophone song, to the tune of “Rain, Rain, Go Away:”

Falling leaves, falling leaves,
Red and yellow, orange and green

September 2015 ESMA News: Fall Term Dates & Rates

Welcome to Fall Term 2015!

Eugene Suzuki Music Lessons

Fall Term dates are Sept. 14–Dec. 19, and there is so much to tell you about…

Cello & Violin Lessons

Registration is open for violin lessons and cello lessons, and interested families can enroll anytime.

Lesson rates for this year are:

  • 30 minute lesson: $315/term or $105/month
  • 45 minute lesson: $453/term or $151/month
  • 60 minute lesson: $591/term or $197/month
  • 75 minute lesson: $729/term or $243/month
  • 90 minute lesson: $867/term or $289/month

The date for the Fall Recital is being confirmed and will be announced soon. Group classes will be Friday afternoons, and we’ll update you shortly with group class times.

Little Notes

Little Notes also has some changes!

We now offer 4 classes. All classes are open for enrollment, and families can begin anytime:

  • Wednesdays, 9:30–10:30 a.m.
  • Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
  • Thursdays, 10:15–11:15 a.m.
  • Saturdays, 10:15–11:15 a.m.

Little Notes rates for this year are:

  • $45 per month or
  • $120 per term (save $15 when paying for the full term)
  • Infants 6 months and younger are now FREE

There is also a Little Notes policy change: Missed classes will not be refunded. If you miss your usual Little Notes class, you are welcome to make it up at another scheduled class.

Register anytime for all ESMA programs:

September Library Storytimes

Jodie is a regular guest presenter for Library Storytimes at the Downtown Eugene Public Library, Sheldon Library, and Bethel Library. All Storytimes are free and open to the public. Visit the Library’s website for more information.

Jodie’s September 2015 Library Storytime appearances are below:

  • Family Storytime, Sept. 18, 10:15—10:45 a.m. at Sheldon Branch Library (more details)
  • Terrific Twos Storytime (10:15 & 11:00), Sept. 29, Downtown Library (more details)

One More Thing

Fall is a great time for new students to begin an instrument, and it’s never too early for families to begin their musical journey with children of any age. Please refer us to anyone you know who wants to begin music lessons or baby music classes for themselves or their families.

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