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Suzuki Violin Workshop, Feb. 8-9, 2019

Early registration ends Oct. 31

Dr. Timothy (Terry) Durbin

Dr. Timothy (Terry) Durbin

Our friends at Willamette Violin Academy are holding a special 2019 Suzuki Violin Workshop. Styled after a Suzuki Summer Institute, participants perform in group classes, music analysis workshops, popular music improvisation lessons, masterclasses, a parent talk, and an information session on instrument selection and care. Internationally renowned clinicians deliver a heavy dose of inspiration, learning, and fun—a much-needed boost for Suzuki children and parents during the long winter months!

“I hope your students will take advantage of this really fun opportunity,” says Dr. Kara Eubanks, WVA director and violin teacher. “The workshop is for all levels and ages. Group class with Terry is can’t-miss event, he’s just so incredible.”

An early registration discount is available through the end of October.

Learn more and register

Introducing our new Suzuki Violin Teacher, Elyse M. Walters

Elyse M. Walters, Suzuki Violin Teacher

Please join Jodie and Meagan in welcoming ESMA’s newest Suzuki violin teacher, Elyse M. Walters!

We’ve been talking with Elyse for nearly a year now. She was born in Klamath Falls, and today lives in Creswell with her husband, two daughters (one of who was born in July!), and two French bulldogs.

You can learn more about Elyse here.

Elyse is in the process of setting up a teaching space in Eugene. We’ll keep you posted on her new location.

If you would like to take lessons with Elyse, you can register here.

Upcoming Suzuki workshop

Workshops, masterclasses, group events & parent talk, all levels, Feb. 24

My friend and colleague Kara Eubanks at Willamette Violin Academy has helped organize a wonderful all-levels Suzuki workshop on Sat., Feb., 24. (And yes, this is the same day as the recital, but it starts later in the day. Sometimes you really can do it all!)

A wonderful Suzuki opportunity is around the corner. On Saturday, February 24, Suzuki violin students and parents are invited to participate for an afternoon of learning and inspiration with two of Portland’s most celebrated Suzuki violin teachers, Lisa Hansen and Christine Goodner, author of Beyond the Music Lesson.

Who can attend?

Students of all ages and levels studying with a registered Suzuki teacher in any music school or studio are welcome. There is no student too novice or advanced for this event—pre-Twinkle is welcome, too! Local Suzuki teachers can register as observers to watch our clinicians teach for the day.

Even new beginners can attend?

Oh, yes! indicate on your registration that your child is a pre-Twinkle or Twinkler. Group classes for their level will be offered, and consider registering for a masterclass—our clinicians are amazing with young students, and you’ll be amazed what you can learn in a short visit with a guest clinician. Most importantly, the parent talk is a priceless opportunity for new Suzuki Parents. Christine Goodner is a brilliant guide for Suzuki parents. Check out her blog at

What does the day look like?

Some students will wish to perform in a masterclass—a short, one-on-one lesson with a clinician on their polished piece, for an audience of Suzuki families. All students will participate in at least one group class with one of our clinicians, and will participate in the Review Rumpus!, a goofy, fun review party led by some local, advanced Suzuki violinists. During the review party, parents will attend a parent talk with Christine Goodner.

What is the schedule?

Some students will attend from 12pm to 5pm, if they wish to perform in a masterclass and observe masterclasses before the group events begin. Other students who choose to only participate in group events may have a day as short as 2pm to 5pm. All registered participants are encouraged to observe masterclasses.

How much does it cost?

Participation in group events only, along with the parent talk, costs $25. Masterclass performers pay $40 for the day’s events.

Where is the event?

1390 Pearl Street (map & directions) , in the First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Can I bring my Suzuki violinist’s sibling(s) to the workshop?

Yes! Suzuki is a family affair, and siblings are welcome to observe, as long as they are supervised by parents.

Register today!


Email Kara:

Fall Term starts Sept. 11

Despite all the smoke and heat, I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend and that back-to-school week is off to a good start for you.

Quick reminder: ESMA is closed this week, and Fall Term begins Mon., Sept. 11. Here are some important dates for you:

  • Fall Term: Sept. 11-Dec. 16, 2017
  • Little Notes classes and violin lessons all resume the week of Sept. 11
  • Saturday Little Notes resumes Sat., Sept. 16… but with new times: 9:00–10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday Little Notes is unchanged, but Thursday has new times. Wednesday and Thursday Little Notes classes meet at 9:30–10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.—12:00 p.m.

Group Classes

  • Every Friday afternoon
  • Quarter Notes (Pre-Twinkle Beginners): 3:45–4:15 p.m.
  • Half Notes (Book 1 Group): 4:15–4:45 p.m.
  • Whole Notes (Book 2 and up): 4:45–5:30 p.m.

Fall Recital

  • Sat., Oct. 28, 11 a.m.
  • Location TBD
  • For Violin and Little Notes families
  • Halloween costumes welcome!

Other Important Studio Dates

  • Busking at Eugene Holiday Market: Sat., Dec. 9, 2017
  • End-of-Term Studio Pizza Party: Fri., Dec. 15
  • Thanksgiving Break: No lessons or classes Nov. 20–25
  • Last day of term for violin lessons: Fri., Dec. 15
  • Last day of term for Little Notes: Sat., Dec. 16

Need to register?

Register for Violin Lessons

Register for Little Notes

Here's hoping the smoke clears soon, and see you next week.

Practice video: Why Live Performance Is Essential & Wonderful

How concerts inspire musicians of all ages

Welcome to Practice Corner! Whatever the season, there are live music performances you and your child can attend. From summer concerts outside, to going to a jam or concert anytime of year, live performance excites and inspires musicians of all ages. There’s nothing like seeing how music gets made! You can also work with your child to set up your own live performance, from busking at a local market, to hosting a small recital for friends, family, and neighbors at your home or in your backyard. Today we talk about why taking your kids to live music performances isn’t only essential, it’s wonderful too.

Dr. Suzuki says: “Music is the language of the heart without words.”

Watch live (and ask questions)! Tune in every other week at ESMA’s Facebook Page for new Practice Corners. You can also share your own tips and questions.

If you can’t tune in to the broadcast, no worries. You can find our Practice Corner videos on the ESMA YouTube Channel, and at the Practice Corner section of the ESMA website.

Have you taken your kids to a musical concert or performance… or maybe put on your own?

Summer Registration & Summer Term

ESMA Summer Term

Summer Term is almost here, and registration is open! During summer we change up both lessons and Little Notes classes:

Suzuki Violin Lessons

  • Lessons are available Tuesday–Thursdays throughout July 11–Aug. 31.
  • Sign up for lessons based on your summer schedule.
  • 4-lesson minimum required of all violin students (but more is better).
  • No group class during summer. Group class will resume in Fall Term.

Little Notes Music Classes

  • Little Notes classes are available only on Wednesdays (9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.) and Thursdays (10:15 a.m.), July 12–Aug. 31.
  • Saturday class will resume in Fall Term.
  • Little Notes can be signed up for on a class-by-class basis based on what works for your schedule.

Payment for lessons and classes is due by July 10.

Complete your summer registration

Download your registration forms here:

ESMA Summer Violin Lessons Registration Form (PDF)

ESMA Summer Littles Notes Registration Form (PDF)

Practice video: The Easiest Way to Improve Music Practice with Your Child

How can you keep music practice interesting

Welcome to Practice Corner! If you watch only one Practice Corner, it should be this one.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed or burnt out, and that comes through in practice. Even in difficult times (such as the holidays or the end of the school year), there is one thing you can do that will help you and your child have a better practice, feel more motivated, and build a stronger connection to each other.

Dr. Suzuki says: “Children learn to smile from their parents.”

Watch live (and ask questions)! Tune in every other Monday evening at ESMA’s Facebook Page for new Practice Corners. You can also share your own tips and questions.

If you can’t tune in to the broadcast, no worries. You can find our Practice Corner videos on the ESMA YouTube Channel, and at the Practice Corner section of the ESMA website.

What is one good thing you can say about your child’s practice today?

Practice video: Practice Buddies: Creating a neutral voice

Your child doesn’t have to feel defensive about practice mistakes

Welcome to Practice Corner! How do we help a child with mistakes without the child feeling attacked or criticized? The answer can be as simple as a helpful frog, ladybug, or dinosaur.

Dr. Suzuki says: “Creating desire in your child’s heart is the parent’s duty.”

Watch live (and ask questions)! Tune in every other Monday evening at ESMA’s Facebook Page for new Practice Corners. You can also share your own tips and questions.

If you can’t tune in to the broadcast, no worries. You can find our Practice Corner videos on the new ESMA YouTube Channel, and at the Practice Corner section of the ESMA website.

What is your child’s favorite practice buddy?

Practice video: Preparing for Recitals

Is your child preparing for a music recital?

Welcome to Practice Corner! Whether a Suzuki book graduation or a full-on studio recital, performances can be a time of celebration, anxiety, and opportunity for your Suzuki kid. Yet the recital prep you do at home can be far more important than the recital itself. The tone we set for performances makes a big difference in setting up a child for success. How can we ease nerves, get familiar with recital routine, and set expectations?

This week we’ll go over creative ways to prepare kids for recitals and ease their nerves.

Watch live (and ask questions)! Tune in every other Monday evening at ESMA’s Facebook Page for new Practice Corners. You can also share your own tips and questions.

If you can’t tune in to the broadcast, no worries. You can find our Practice Corner videos on the new ESMA YouTube Channel, and at the Practice Corner section of the ESMA website.

How do you prepare your kids for a recital?

Welcome Meagan! Meet our new Suzuki Violin Teacher

Suzuki Violin Teacher Meagan RuvoloESMA has been growing and growing lately, and we are so glad that now there’s not just one violin teacher… there are two! Meagan Ruvolo is now accepting students to her Suzuki violin studio.

Meagan’s Teaching Philosophy

Having been a Suzuki student from the age of 4 and then studying the Suzuki philosophy long-term at the University of Denver with Kathleen Spring, I firmly believe that every child can achieve a high level of musical skill through careful instruction and a strong connection between the parent, student, and teacher. I tailor each lesson to the individual student’s goals as each family and situation is unique, and should be treated with the whole student and family in mind.

Since moving to Eugene in the fall of 2016, I have been lucky enough to meet Jodie and experience the wonderful atmosphere of community and support at ESMA. When I was a child I grew up learning violin in a similarly structured studio with the same families year after year, and they have become lifelong friends and colleagues. Most of them have continued their passion for music into a career or a fantastic personal hobby.

I look forward to becoming a part of this studio and getting to know you, as well as sharing my love of music and lifelong learning!

About Meagan

Meagan Ruvolo began studying violin in Canada at the age of 4 with Suzuki Teacher Joanne Martin. She attended private as well as a group lesson every week, and quickly excelled in her studies. At the age of 9 Meagan was performing in the Winnipeg Music Festival, taking first prize in multiple classes. Meagan began studying piano in addition to violin at the age of 5 with her grandmother and lifelong piano teacher/performer Patricia Arnason. Performing in many recitals and events over 15 years of study, Meagan has achieved a high level of sensitivity on the instrument.

Meagan went on to receive the Swedish Musical Club Trophy for violin in 1997 at the age of 12, as well as advancing to nationals on several other occasions. Throughout elementary school and beyond, Meagan competed in many competitions and recitals, taking many 1st and 2nd place awards for playing as well as composing music. Meagan enjoyed a long period of time playing violin for all 3 levels of the Winnipeg Youth Orchestras, from the age of 9 through 17, as well as being asked as an adult to play periodically for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

At the age of 16, Meagan began studies with Karl Stobbe, Associate Concertmaster for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Meagan then studied with world famous violinist Oleg Pokhanovski during her studies at the University of Manitoba faculty of music, where she achieved mention on the Dean’s Honor Roll. Meagan began playing professionally at the age of 13 with many quartets and groups for weddings, conventions, banquets, and other chamber music settings. Meagan began teaching professionally at the age of 16, and has enjoyed enriching the lives of others through music. Meagan has also studied the long-term philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, creator and founder of the Suzuki Method, at the University of Denver under the instruction of Professor Kathleen Spring.

Meagan has completed SAA-registered training in Core Units, Every Child Can!, and Violin Units 1–4.

About Suzuki Violin Method

Meagan with studentsAs a mom and a teacher, Meagan believes that teaching is not just about the music, it is about the person. We strive to teach the whole student, not just the musician, and to create a community of music through ESMA.

At ESMA we guide parents and students with these 7 basic Suzuki principles:

  1. Every Child Can Learn
  2. Ability Develops Early
  3. Environment Nurtures Growth
  4. Children Learn from One Another
  5. Success Breeds Success
  6. Parent Involvement is Critical
  7. Encouragement is Essential

In addition to your weekly private lesson, students can also attend weekly group classes and be part of graduation and studio recitals. There is also parent support and resources to help you wherever you are on your music journey.

Want to learn Suzuki violin?

Meagan is building her local studio, and registration is open. If you have questions, please get in touch with Meagan at or 720-785-0930.

Register for Violin Lessons

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